Terms and conditions Puflene Resort

The accommodation in each type of room by one single person (single use) shall be calculated by reducing 30 Lei of the tariff.
The tariffs shown are being calculatedfor two adult persons.
Charging the children who accompany their parentsshall be made by starting with the age of 3 years, until 14 yearswith 30 lei/ night/ room, the equivalent of an extra bed and breakfast, children under 3 yearshaving free accommodation and breakfast.
Starting with the age of 14 yearsall persons are being considered adults.
Charging the third adult person in the rooms that allow them to accommodate shall be made by the equivalent of 50% of one bed valueto which is added the breakfast value.
(Ex. calculus: Accommodation tariff for 2 persons 300 lei – 2 breakfasts (60lei) = 240 lei / 4 = 60 lei + breakfast = 90 lei)